Produced by SimonSound
Written & Vocals by E. Thelo
Released by: Överdog 2013


rattling snakes battling – babylon state of mind
like the apple in place – survival is smashing they face
tackle ’em back in they place
badges don’t matter – we standin at the same ladder
for that platter, shit the clatter insane
cadavers stacked in the name of king capital
no time for a dreamer, just bring it back
and keep ’em ringing that bell for us animals
snakes and hyenas, send your prayers to Athena
all for that vida, crack em gates open to the arena
Tone Lōc a ”medina” to get that lean on, Tower of Pisa
keep up with brothers up and running it deeper
to get that slice of that pita, heat up a nice fo the people
needles done spike on the meter
+Sweet Passion+ like we sampled Aretha’s
keep this on blast – eatin at last, now what could be sweeter?
sweeping the trash to keep the shit back off of my pieces
eat up and dash – off to that freedom, i put ma all in between this
just ’cos i wanted this to reach where they at
with the left hand digging in the bag, shit – get my half!
see ’cos they ’ready know just what we coming for
keep peaking trough your blinds like when they coming yo
like the coloured folk off the boat, spread it door to door
just to let ’em know – we gonna get ’em
they expecting a hell of a show
the more the merrier, Thelo up in yo area
don’t compare us they heading below – ay yo!

spilling blood on the sand – as we pursuit the aim
look where it stand – try to compute the range
took one in hand – another wounded man
took one in hand – another wounded man

all this blood on the sand off of our hands, gotta
rub ’em again, washing our sins, gotta
rinse with a grin, all for the next to come in
you ’ready know where i been, just cos ma pen got em
over that edge, yeah they heads dropping
’cos once you step in the ring –
everything you thought mattered means nada
either you make a killing or sink in the feeling of pain
and pray they ain’t watching
a little time to free your blind +Rage+ Baraccus
bad options ’cos everybody tryna be that one to remain
at the top, we got a problem
like a trial with cracked pool stick, giant toothpick
gotta move quick to see who’s coming out of
doing things moms can’t be proud of, moms can’t be doubted
you find your way around it – or find your play surrounded
and the arena, it stays crouded
no in and outing